A Little Confession… Truth be told, it’s good for the Soul…

A Little Confession… Truth be told, it’s good for the Soul…

When you realize that you have been literally “walking” in error although you thought you were walking with God; it’s best to correct the error immediately in order to walk right with God.  And a little confession, truth be told – is always, always good for the soul.

I haven’t gotten personal in a while and I guess now is a better time than any.  Much of the time I speak in general public admonishment, but today I come humbly before God asking for his forgiveness regarding a personal matter.

What did I do to cause an offense?  I gave God’s glory to something else and it’s one of the worse offenses that we can commit when wanting to walk circumspectly before God.  None are perfect but we can stray off course, oftentimes, unaware but when he brings you front and center with the offense; the best thing to do is accept your wrongdoing in the matter and ask for forgiveness and keep on pressing.

That’s where many continue on the wrong course of action; reacting instead of halting all action until you get things back right with God.

My real reason why I was able to lose close to 80 pounds was because I first sought God.  You might be thinking, why do you have to confess that?  It’s because I was giving God second-hand credit when He should have received the credit first.  Had I not started chasing after God first, the initial pounds or any that followed would have not begun to shed; and instead of giving him all credit, I gave him some – after the fact.  I gave credit to eating better (and I did), but it was a result of first experiencing that the weight could come off simply by walking and having conversation with him.

I next gave credit to vitamin supplements that I was taking (and they did aid in giving me an energy), but had I not made up in my mind to pursue him through the vessel of walking and talking to him, I would have never gained the impetus to start moving my body in the first place.  I put profit before peace with God and I want to right that wrong by telling God that I confess publicly that I was wrong and ask to be made right in his sight.

The best thing that you can do for yourself and your soul is to want to be right with God to the best of your ability.  No one is perfect and God knows that already… He just wants us to fess-up about it for our own sake.



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