20 Year Anniversay!!! Pardon Muah… Mazel Tov!

20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! Pardon Muah… Mazel Tov!

Most blogs and publications have a celebratory issue for their tenured endurance known affectionately and aptly as an Anniversary.

For me, it’s been a 20 year courtship that only God can conjure and navigate…

The day that I picked up a pen to write God because I wanted to believe that “He” was all that he’d said in His Word, was the day that changed my life forever.

It was circa 1996, somewhere around October… Life had hit its lowest bedrock of foundation that I would have ever thought to experience but instead of ruminating why someone would offer me cocaine to sniff right on the dipper, I knew to say “No Thanks”, and instead of feeling ever-so depressed at my circumstances and decided to pick up a torn off piece of paper and begin to write and pour out to the one who I knew was God but hadn’t talked with him intimately in such a long time; it felt both natural and strange at the same time.  Had too much time elapsed and passed underneath the bridge? We had a teenage love a while back but now it was time for adult commitment and was I ready?  To get intimate with someone is grown folks business; and when you indulge in grown-up behavior, there comes responsibilities and a little not so something small – consequences.

The sheet of paper wasn’t any bigger than the palm of my hands but great rain and mighty blessings have poured out of that one slither of paper; and I have outran many chariots that have gone out before me because I have believed the Lord my God with all my heart, mind soul and spirit.

When I wrote that day, it was “me” saying to “me”, “That I was in search of a city whose builder and maker is God.”  And once I put my hands to that plow, to be in search of God, it has been a lifelong commitment to trust God in this life and it will open up the doorway to the next one.

There’s an old adage that says, “Once an adult and twice a child”, and that is one that applies to both the natural life and the spiritual.  If we are blessed to live to an age in life that we once again have to be cared for as we once were as a child; it lends itself to the idea that one has lived a lengthy life; while one can also say the same for spiritual longevity, to live this life long enough to be able to be as liken to a child as Jesus instructed and just believe him and to rely on him to be our caregiver.

When Abraham began his journey at the behest of God telling him to leave his kinsmen, from that moment on, he began a relationship and bond that gradually overtime and trials to bring him to the place that God originally told him that he could expect – Blessed and highly favored.  And it’s not the he didn’t encounter periods where his faith would be tried, proven and rewarded – it’s the playbook we all follow from the Father of the Faith.

Oh no… “I wouldn’t take anything for my journey”, and though at times arduous and dizzying, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if it hadn’t been for God and him hitting the reset button on his grace and mercy each morning, I would have been dead in my sins eons ago.

I am one of a few to have their daily walk with God documented and journaled because for the past 20 years, I have chronicled much of my life as I have walked with Christ to both encourage myself and its readers, and to bless God with the fruit of my remembrance of all that he has done over the course of my life.  My life is worth the spiritual papyrus I have cried out to God on, and he has inclined his ear to my supplications.

God honors time well spent; and it’s been roughly about 240 months, 1043 weeks, 7305 days and 175,320 hours of me saying to God, I want and choose to spend time with you and in your presence.

Remembering our first date like it was yesterday as he told me that day 20 years ago that he would never leave me, nor forsake me and he has kept his word to me.

We honor so many other dates and so I want to be sure to honor the year that I came to myself and back to God; and realized that I had lost all my substance 20 years ago and God brought to my remembrance Him – my Great Reward.  I just wanted to return back to him, as nothing but a servant, because I know that servants in his Kingdom were being treated better than I was outside of his will.  Once I set my mind to return to him, he welcomed me back as his child, restored and blessed and he did put a ring on my finger, shoes on my feet and a robe and says that he has a party planned for our Anniversary like I have never seen anything like and my anticipation is at its all-time highest.  Don’t mind me… I am just loving on the God of my salvation… Pardon Muah…

Happy Anniversary Father God, Lord Jesus and The Holy Spirit,


I Love You! Muah! Mazel Tov!



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