Put Some Respek On It! Blood, Sweat and 40 Years…

Put Some Respek On It! Blood, Sweat and 40 Years…

When we ask that time to be our friend, what we are really asking is for God to be our friend.  We spew off when quoting or mentioning time as though time doesn’t matter.  All we have in our duration as sojourners of the faith while on this earth is our time – in years.

Anything that is to be takes time.  Gestation takes time – to even exist.  Harvest time from seed time, takes time.  A wound takes time to heal.  Broken hearts take time to mend; to get from here to there – takes time.  A fruitful relationship with God – takes time.  Young and full of vigor to geriatric years – takes time. And from one generation to the next is summed up as a forty-year year span – thus it takes time.

We spout off forty-years in the desert when we mention the lost generation of Israel as if it were nothing.  Me and most of my contemporaries are now well into our forties and every year has been a journey and hard-fought battle that has taken many tolls and cost me dearly; they haven’t been easy, nor were they meant to be… It’s called Life… Simplified into – Years….

Many of us haven’t seen not nearly what we hoped we would as we sashayed across the stage accepting our diplomas twenty plus years ago when we graduated and were ready to take on the world.  Now forty years are up under our belts – literally… And what do many of us have to show for it?  Many just have Blood, Sweat and forty years and nothing more to show from it.  If we are walking with God, shouldn’t there be some sign?

We put off what we can believe for today.  And in my humble opinion, it costs us our today and tomorrow.  Now Faith is all that I will say in my own defense.

When Hannah prayed and waited for Samuel, we can feel her excruciating torment via the written word.  As David endured the wait for his inheritance of the throne it took over twenty years. The woman with the issue of blood persevered twelve years to receive deliverance from her bondage.  Joshua and Caleb suffered forty years past their prime and time, to enter into the Promise Land that they never doubted they could possess.  As the man waited thirty-eight years by the pool of Siloam to be made whole. When Jesus dropped blood as sweat, we couldn’t imagine his passion or suffering on our behalf. And as Christ braved death, burial and the Resurrection; and countless others, we should never disrespect what it takes to get what God has for us.  It takes time for great blessings to manifest themselves.

Years are all that we can barter for or with.  Thankfully, our God is always ahead of us because time has to obey his trump card of eternity.

The manipulation of time can only be done by God.  So put some Respeck on his name!



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