Pastor Appreciation??

Pastor Appreciation???

To hear him say all the things that I need my spouse or significant other to spout – A word of encouragement, dispensed at the appropriate time;  to see a man appear to walk upright in the sight of God and circumspectly.  And to hear what thus saith the Lord to me – personally (A hookup).

We both men and women seek him out – The Pastor.  He is the closest thing in our eyes to God but to women more so apparently than me but for a different reason altogether.  Our motive is the same as it was in the Garden of Eden; to seek God for ourselves.

God gave us the instruction in His word but we keep getting it out of order.  Christ, Man, Wife and children; and if the man loves Christ, that the flow of blessing should reciprocate and be dispensed as needed throughout the family and beyond.

As women we run to God’s house, as we should but often time we are beguiled by wanting to seek out knowledge that wasn’t necessarily for us; knowing too much for our own good can be just as detrimental as not knowing enough.

Eve corrupted the entire way of life by wanting to get something that wasn’t particularly meant for her or Adam.

Just think what could have come of them and our world had she just followed what God had said…  And what could have been should Adam had man’d-up…

The same thing is going on in today’s church.  We are in the right place, in God’s house but what are we telling our men, what are we encouraging them to do, that could benefit and bless us or curse and expel us from the presence and blessings of God?

We keep getting God’s directives out of order and we know that He is the God of decency and order.

When I see people in the congregation gathered in one and needing to be on the same accord for the corporate blessing and they sit or chat during praise and worship but scamper and jump to their feet when the Pastor enters or hits the stage; as if this was some type of performance; instead of the place where we come to meet, greet, praise and give honor to our God because all that we do is supposedly in honor of who he is, and the reason for all that takes place from the ushering, parking lot to the preaching, yet we find ourselves missing the mark of the high calling because God’s honor is being giving elsewhere.

If we as women are going to fill the pews in an abnormally high ratio versus that of the men, then shouldn’t the results that we seek be seen and reaped?  The Pastor is only but one man and most of the time is he has his own wife and family.

Our goal should be to come to God’s house for the overflow of what we are already receiving from home but in many instances that isn’t the case.

The Pastor is sent because he was called to preach the word of God, not to be our surrogate husbands, muses or secret lovers because many women flock to the church and secretly think that they are married to the man and no longer looking for a man of their own; becoming pseudo Nuns – married to God – The Pastor.

There is such a thing as Pastor Appreciation but let’s keep it in the right perspective – God first.  Honor God.



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