Think Different…

Think Different…

Get how you think that God ought to be out of your head and allow God to be God; and He will show you who He is himself.  He is God and can do all things and with that being established as our foundation first then we can begin to build by first dissecting that He is many things to us but perpetually is our God.

At times He is a healer, at times He is provider, at times He is way maker, at times He is our counselor and there are many other attributes that would run off of this page.  He is not always the same to us but in all ways… We get it – He is God.

Now take that same logic and juxtapose it to how we see our relationships.  The person that we are married to or dating isn’t God, nor are they all the man or woman that we would like for them to be at any given time.  Some men aren’t breadwinners; however, they provide non-monetized support that is priceless to a woman who already has enough on her plate of being a woman.

Allow people to be who they are in our lives without us attempting to define who they are within the confines of our finite minds; and trust God who is infinite to divinely give to us and reveal those needed attributes within that special person.

A person is only that… a person – that is until God the Potter gets done with both them and us.  Get your hands off the clay and allow God to mold them and us into who they need us to be and for us to be to them.

If all you think that a man is supposed to do is provide; and that love can only be shown monetarily, then that maybe all that you get and in doing so, miss out on all the etcetera and such and such that God has instilled inside of your mate to bless you beyond measure.  What’s the point of the money and not having anyone to share it with?

God knows what till death do us part really entails.  Just as we look forward to eternity in and with him and to be blessed both now here on earth and in Heaven; we should be able to look that same joy both on earth in this life of coupledom.

God never intended for us to be miserable as we sojourn this life; it’s not good for man to be alone.  A husband or wife should be a blessing, not a burden; and they should add to the blessings of this life and not drain us of the life God intended for us to have.

Think Different.  Think as God would have you to view life and not a skewed, by narrowing how good God wants to be in your life through the love.

I don’t want God only for what He has for me or his riches; I want God because of who He is.  Love your partner for who they and not what they can do for you; and as the unwavering love of God pours out, so will that love from your partner.



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