Remember The Time…

Remember The Time…

Having been through the process of purchasing a home I have realized one thing that sticks out the most to me… and that was that it was more fun looking and visiting the model homes or viewing the potential residences more so than the actual purchase itself.  The purchase was the finality of the blessing at-hand, however, the enjoyment was found in the “what if’s?” and the “possibilities” of what could be.  You get to see more and experience more by just simply looking…   Are we looking for God to do anything anymore??

Remember what the best part is…  Learn to fall in love with the process – the process gives and provides the blessing.

The Lord’s Prayer is a model – that is descriptive of how we should reverence God as our Father… Model prayers, model planes, model homes – help us to see what can be and that which is possible.

If a model-scale or mock-up can be built or constructed, then realistically, it can be duplicated and implemented – Same with God.

We want all the memories we can with others and loved ones but the most important is to reverence God in our process.  Faith is found in remembrance.  Remember the times in God because they are what will see you through and bring you into the Land of Promise that God says already exist.



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