World View…

World View…

If we view a globe of the world, we have to take the full expanse via a flat map; just viewing the globe itself would leave us only seeing a portion at a time or a spin.

Our lives are too big to view all at once even though we try our hardest to see where it is that God is taking us.  And to attempt to see all that God has for us is sort of insulting to him, to think that we would be able to encompass all that He is and is doing on our behalf.

It’s better than a jigsaw puzzle because unlike with a puzzle,  only a certain piece is designed to fit into one certain space without any room for variances; unlike with God, He can make all things work out for our good; what once didn’t fit now pops into place seamlessly as though it had always been purposed for that position.

The more that we love God as He wants and instructs us how he wants to be loved, the more that He reveals His love for us.  We all say that we just want to be loved but that isn’t the true task at hand, the true task is to find someone who loves us the way that we want to be loved.  God is no different.  If I tell you and you still choose to do it your way, then do you really want to love and to please me?

When someone has our heart there is nothing that we wouldn’t do for them.  Same goes for God the Father.

Allow God to bring into focus what has already been in existence.  Just as we gaze upon the view on the globe of the United States of America and South America, we know that the Far East and down to the Antarctica’s also exist; and just because we cannot see it all on the map doesn’t negate the fact that they are there.

Trust God that what he promises us is there and does exist and believe that you will see it entirely in its full scope.  There is more than the world we know exist and there is also more to see to what God can accomplish us to both see and to do.



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