Just Believe… The King of Judges will see you now…

Just Believe…  The King of Judges will see you now.


Can I come through into thy gates to seek your presence?  Thank you.  Praise your Holy Name.  May I approach your courts Lord?  Hallelujah to your Holy Name.  I am back once again asking that you unlock my mind and vision, as well as unblock the blessings that you have already preordained over my life.

I can feel it, that thought, that place wherein I finally breakthrough into what you have placed inside of my heart.  I don’t know what it is exactly… I am a woman… I guess I will know it when I see it.

I can smell it, darn near taste it.  The bespoke of it feels so comfortably familiar I would have said that I have experienced it already but I know that I haven’t, possibly in a dream, where I was as close to it in the spirit as I can come because in the spirit great things are possible.

The more I want to cast a shadow of doubt that the desires of my heart couldn’t be anymore fulfilled, the more my spirit litigates and defends to the enemy of my soul – the doubt. It tells it that the evidence may seem circumstantial but legal discovery has me favored to do the impossible because the Judge in my case is just, not fair – Favor Isn’t Fair…

Jesus you are my advocate, the standard of all law and how it should be adjudicated concerning my life.  I am guilty, this I know but you took the penalty and said that I could go free and that my rights have been restored to expect and to lay claim to all that had been stored up and kept me from accessing all that you have duly noted in your word was my inheritance.

All I know is that I was brought to this doorway and for a while now it has been closed up shut; but I know that access into where it is that I want to be granted entrance is so great and of exclusive company that I know that there is no turning back or retreating – Where am I to go?  What is there back from whence I traveled to have court with the King?  I know nothing that I want Lord.  I will stay here and beat upon the door of your heart until I hear you say; “Let her in” “Open the door for her, for I will avenge her, lest by her continual coming she weary me”.

Yes Lord, you will find faith in me on this earth.  Your admonishment has been to me all throughout your word – “Just Believe”, and that’s just what I am doing.  Thank you for seeing me your honor, hearing my case and ruling in my favor.  All the praise, glory and honor belong to you and to you alone.



Don’t Be Silly Girl…

Don’t Be Silly Girl…

If the truth be told there were some silly women in the Bible; and all I am recommending is that neither you nor I be one of them.

As women we wield much power but power in the wrong hands or used inappropriately, can cause more harm than the helpful good that we were to attribute to the subduing and taking dominion; and replenishing the earth…

What are you saying to your man? What are you saying to your children? What are you saying to the world in and around you?

Mary the Mother of Christ was young but mature.  She could have easily denied the gift being offered to her but she spoke with a heart that chose to follow after God and to please Him.  Same as Ruth and Esther both have books for their namesake in the book of all books – the Bible because they chose God.

Our power isn’t the triangular shaped pie slice betwixt our thighs… It might work on Joe Schmo for a while or a lifetime but God knows that it was good when he made it, but he’s not concerned with what your mama gave you; but rather what he can do through you and not just in a nine month stint… We are more than just to be fruitful and to multiply.

Rachel was sought after for 14 years and loved dearly by the Jacob … but she wasn’t mentioned much… sort of a baby-mama.  The Harlot was rewarded for her heroism in the Hall of Fame of the Faith….

Sarah was the wife to the patriarch of our faith Abraham, but what she was known mostly for was her silliness… laughing while she was eavesdropping on her own blessing… and if you know her story, she kept on taking actions into her own hands instead of seeking God for direction.

They were both Matriarchs and the helpmeet to two of the greatest men to be in the lineage of our Christ but weren’t significant enough to be recognized for their participation in the growing of the faith.

Our responsibility as women goes a lot further than the kitchen and the bedroom.  Before there was a bedroom, there was a garden and there was Eve.

It’s not about age because it truly is just a number… God can use any of us, at any age; we just need to not be too silly and laugh when it’s time to be taken seriously and not to manipulative to get us kicked out for good.  It’s time to stop being silly and start being about our Father’s business as wives, mothers, sisters, and word-givers…



Loose Lips Sinks Ships Don’t Be Careless A Moment on the Lips…

Loose Lips Sinks Ships… Don’t Be Careless… A Moment on the Lips…

A word spoken… even only momentarily can leave an indelible impression and an unknowingly and unwittingly a bad taste in someone’s mouth and not only a displeasurable taste but an exasperated spirit… This faith walk isn’t for the faint of heart but a made up mind.

God does have a monetary system and it has two sources of currency – Tithe and Faith!

People jumped aboard the prosperity train and didn’t realize the cost of the ticket and the Pastors and Preachers should have told them, “People Get Ready!”  You don’t need a ticket to get on board but once you are a passenger, God is the conductor and he decides the destination and the timing.  They spoke loosely with statements of “Speak it into existence” and “Name it and claim it” all of those things are true and possible for them that believe; and the movement in God shifted, but they failed to issue the disclaimer of Mo’ is equivalent to Mo’ problems.  It’s not always Mo’ money… Mo’ of God will bring Mo’ issues to contend with in order that faith is preserved and increased to balance out the Mo’ that we receive.

Prosperity can be purchased but it’s a cost that many would choose rather not to pay because the cost is high.  Prosperity is falling and getting back up.  Prosperity is trying and failing.  Prosperity is trusting God when you can’t see or trace him.  Prosperity is paying tithes when it seems counterintuitive to pay out of not enough.  Prosperity is pressing your way when there appears to be no way out this time.  Prosperity is saying God, “Your will be done”.  Prosperity is submitting our will to God’s.  Prosperity is having a heart of forgiveness towards the one that has done you the worst.  Prosperity is praising God on your worst day, just as hard as your best day.  Prosperity is a process

It was only a few Sunday services, a moment on the lips of the congregation as they repeated after the Angel of the Church, but to not warn the people of the impending dangers was careless.

An armada of ships sailed with hopes and aspirations of God doing for them as the Pastor preached “You’ll have houses you didn’t build and vineyards you didn’t plant”, but they began to take on water soon after embarking because a faith full of holes and not pitched within and without with the sealing word of God will slowly begin to sink and now they are lost at sea because of carelessly chartered doctrine.

Yes we should venture boldly in the pursuit of God and those things that he has promised us in his Word, but to be irresponsible in our approach and our word selection can mean all the difference in safe travels or perilous times.

A word is breathed and spoken, yet is an unseen weapon or curse.  Prison is an experience of many from whom a simple word spoken by a judge ensconced behind a mahogany desk and draped in a black robe spoke life or death over an individual.  Why can’t we see that our God has that same and even greater power to speak the same over us?  He above all should be respected for his Word.

Remember to honor God with all of your days offering up to him Prayers and Praise… Enter into his gates with Thanksgiving and into his courts with Praise!  You can have all the money in the world and the currency won’t get you into Heaven’s Gate.  Don’t leave this home on earth without it!