Thank You for Your Consideration… Sincerely Yours, Best Reg

Thank You for Your Consideration…  Sincerely Yours, Best Regards…

Have you considered my servant Job?

Have you considered my servant Yolanda?

Have you considered my servant {Enter Your Name Here}?

God is sincere when it comes to his promises and He has nothing but His best regards towards us.


In’s and Out’s…

The In’s & Out’s…

Relationships are hard, Marriage is harder; and walking with God, the ultimate commitment-, the degree of difficulty is inexplicable.
My writings encompasses the day-by-day grind in God. Every success story you hear, the person starts with a struggle, then God, then success – they just drop you from beginning to epilogue, but there were days in- between of where God gets his GLORY… I guess I’m just one of those folk who like to tell it all, every detail; it makes for the best recollection and creates a vivid picture for the brush strokes of who God is portrayed as in our gallery of life, on display for onlookers.; my part to hoist Him up, so He can do the drawing.

Just Thankful for my journey… and the In’s and Out’s… All relationships have them, it’ s just how much you are willing to commit…? He can have all of me.


Caught Between “Hope” and a “Hard Place”

Caught Between “Hope” and a “Hard Place”…

Welp… There’s really not much to say to that or any need for an in-depth explanation really…

Some day’s pain and anguish cannot be expressed in words; just felt, experienced and a bit of torment, if I can be totally and inexplicably honest as I cannot be.

Sometimes it’s hard to pray your way through when you’ve been and still are going through, because I have had many topics that I have wanted to broach with my fellow readers but I haven’t been able to muster up the strength needed to be an encouragement to another; and I have realized that if I cannot give myself fully in the anointing of administering hope; I best not try to wing-it; folks lives are hanging in the delicate balance of a word from God and I don’t want to half-step with anyone’s deliverance.

When I am this depleted I know that I need to pray for my own strength in the Lord, first and foremost; as on a plane that becomes depressurized, we are instructed to put our oxygen mask on first before assisting another – How can I help you if I am incapacitated myself?

This is me strapping up first… Breathe in… Breathe out… And repeat… Ahhh… Thank you Lord that I able to come to you for refreshing and get back to being about my Father’s business.

You! Yeah You! Reading this – snatch you a mask and take a gulp and get back to work!

The work still must go on… There is much work left to do in the Kingdom.  Give me the anointing and strength to get my portion of the work done Father. Amen.


The Recipe Bible

The Recipe Bible

They make recipes for a reason; which many of us have found out the hard way by not trying to be as precise as we can or should be for whatever the reason may be, such as being in a rush or not having he required ingredients, and using an inferior ingredient than what was specified.

Cooking shows are great for entertainment value but in order to get the finished product to have the same results as the instructor, you must follow the recipe to the letter and pray that altitude and room temperatures and noise levels don’t affect the outcome because there are many variables that go into a recipes success.

I want my life to turn out just as the Bible said that it would.  And according to God’s word, it will, if we follow His instructions for success.

My goals haven’t changed… I still want what’s in the book and what God is cooking up for me.  Even when penning my own books for the world’s consumption; the total focal point was and still is the trials and triumphs of getting what’s in the book.

No to “Thelma and Louise” and No to “Waiting to Exhale” endings of life – Great books and movies but that’s not the endings in God’s book. Friendships that will last a lifetime are indeed a blessing but our greatest friendship is the one that we have with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

As the Trinity of cooking – Onions, Bell Pepper and Celery, are staples of having a good meal; the same goes for the Trinity of our faith – The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit will produce a savory life.

If our lives don’t resemble what’s described in the book then something hasn’t been followed in the recipe.

God has recipes for riches, success, love, joy, peace, and most importantly Salvation – the one to salivate over.

Taste and see that the Lord is good.



Bringing Heaven to Earth…

Bringing Heaven to Earth…

Just yesterday I was on the shores of the beach looking up musing at how the clouds were melting across the sky as cotton candy melts in ones mouth.

I pondered and allowed the thoughts to ruminate through my head of how far the Heavens were from the Earth; and I wanted to know what it would be like to have Heaven on Earth in both the spiritual and the physical realm.  To be able to reach up and touch the plume of the clouds would have been divine – literally.

So, I put it out of my mind because men don’t fly unless otherwise in an aircraft of some type and then God stepped in and I love when he does; it’s always an awakening moment.

Today was one of the heaviest fog days I’ve ever experienced in my life and it was thick as a country grit.  And after once again musing about the density and how nervous I was to cross a bridge that I walk across mostly twice a day, because I couldn’t see the other side nor hardly just a few steps in front of my face.

Fear was converted into faith as I heard God say, “Bringing Heaven to Earth…”.  How so I asked and He proceeded to use the very allegory I had the privilege of being privy to at this moment in time and I had the flashback first to yesterday about the clouds and then he revealed that I was walking in a cloud that was once in the heavens and it had now descended to Earth in the form of fog.

I was walking in the very thing that I was just thinking yesterday was an impossibility to reach or touch.

Point: God can take what was in Heaven and bring it to Earth in both the spiritual and the natural; and his example was both poignant and revealing on so many levels.

Is there anything too hard for God? I think he has proven himself once again; not that He has too but because He is concerned about my faith being strong enough to withstand the weight of the blessing that is coming.


Heaven and Earth… It’s Moving

Heaven and Earth… It’s Moving Time.

Why does it always feel as though it takes an act of God to make the blessings and favor come to pass in our lives…??

And that’s just what it takes – God.

What many of us hold in our hearts that we are expecting God to do for us will take a made-up mind, our faith and the Creator of both Heaven and Earth to execute the move on our behalf.

Allow God the Creator to engineer the move; it’ll be far less stressful if you do.

Moving Heaven and Earth is possible because God’s word says that they shall both pass away… And if they can pass away, they can be moved.

There is nothing in this world that cannot be moved by the power of God, therefore, hold on to the one sure thing that shall remain forever; which is God’s Word.

Our help comes from the maker of both Heaven and Earth.