The Recipe Bible

The Recipe Bible

They make recipes for a reason; which many of us have found out the hard way by not trying to be as precise as we can or should be for whatever the reason may be, such as being in a rush or not having he required ingredients, and using an inferior ingredient than what was specified.

Cooking shows are great for entertainment value but in order to get the finished product to have the same results as the instructor, you must follow the recipe to the letter and pray that altitude and room temperatures and noise levels don’t affect the outcome because there are many variables that go into a recipes success.

I want my life to turn out just as the Bible said that it would.  And according to God’s word, it will, if we follow His instructions for success.

My goals haven’t changed… I still want what’s in the book and what God is cooking up for me.  Even when penning my own books for the world’s consumption; the total focal point was and still is the trials and triumphs of getting what’s in the book.

No to “Thelma and Louise” and No to “Waiting to Exhale” endings of life – Great books and movies but that’s not the endings in God’s book. Friendships that will last a lifetime are indeed a blessing but our greatest friendship is the one that we have with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

As the Trinity of cooking – Onions, Bell Pepper and Celery, are staples of having a good meal; the same goes for the Trinity of our faith – The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit will produce a savory life.

If our lives don’t resemble what’s described in the book then something hasn’t been followed in the recipe.

God has recipes for riches, success, love, joy, peace, and most importantly Salvation – the one to salivate over.

Taste and see that the Lord is good.




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