Caught Between “Hope” and a “Hard Place”

Caught Between “Hope” and a “Hard Place”…

Welp… There’s really not much to say to that or any need for an in-depth explanation really…

Some day’s pain and anguish cannot be expressed in words; just felt, experienced and a bit of torment, if I can be totally and inexplicably honest as I cannot be.

Sometimes it’s hard to pray your way through when you’ve been and still are going through, because I have had many topics that I have wanted to broach with my fellow readers but I haven’t been able to muster up the strength needed to be an encouragement to another; and I have realized that if I cannot give myself fully in the anointing of administering hope; I best not try to wing-it; folks lives are hanging in the delicate balance of a word from God and I don’t want to half-step with anyone’s deliverance.

When I am this depleted I know that I need to pray for my own strength in the Lord, first and foremost; as on a plane that becomes depressurized, we are instructed to put our oxygen mask on first before assisting another – How can I help you if I am incapacitated myself?

This is me strapping up first… Breathe in… Breathe out… And repeat… Ahhh… Thank you Lord that I able to come to you for refreshing and get back to being about my Father’s business.

You! Yeah You! Reading this – snatch you a mask and take a gulp and get back to work!

The work still must go on… There is much work left to do in the Kingdom.  Give me the anointing and strength to get my portion of the work done Father. Amen.



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