In’s and Out’s…

The In’s & Out’s…

Relationships are hard, Marriage is harder; and walking with God, the ultimate commitment-, the degree of difficulty is inexplicable.
My writings encompasses the day-by-day grind in God. Every success story you hear, the person starts with a struggle, then God, then success – they just drop you from beginning to epilogue, but there were days in- between of where God gets his GLORY… I guess I’m just one of those folk who like to tell it all, every detail; it makes for the best recollection and creates a vivid picture for the brush strokes of who God is portrayed as in our gallery of life, on display for onlookers.; my part to hoist Him up, so He can do the drawing.

Just Thankful for my journey… and the In’s and Out’s… All relationships have them, it’ s just how much you are willing to commit…? He can have all of me.



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