Single life is good, it’s so enticing to stay single because it’s a choice; we like the freedom to do what and who we want – when we want. And that’s frightening to think about giving up. It’s our God given right. He even gives us the choice whether or not to choose him – so why would anyone want to relinquish that power?

Marriage is saying that I choice to stay with this one person forever. That‘s a hard thing to do, no matter what you say. Love is both good and enduring; and pros in my opinion outweigh the cons but truth be told, “till death do us part” is saying to oneself deny yourself the right to choose. Some can’t deal with that right being “given” away.

Our walk with God is going a step farther, we’re saying I’m both denying and “giving” myself away, my “right” of choice away, and not only do I want to do this in this life, I want to do this in the next life and not only that, but forever. Well now… Do you really? Some can’t deal with that right to choose to being “given” away; for what, a life I can’t see, but one I hope for? All I can judge by is what I can see

This is “Grown Folks’ Business” when it comes to what we are willing to “give” in our walk with Christ. He wants it all and then some.

There’s a difference between passing notes and sending love letters.



The Fool… Sometimes.

The Fool… Sometimes.

You must be willing to look and play the fool when God calls you to do something utterly ridiculous; it will bless you in the end.  He always covers our shame.

If you’re going to do anything great for God, He’s going to test you to determine whether or not you’re willing to look the fool in the face of others, in spite of knowing inwardly that God is up to something and that we must trust Him despite of how it appears outwardly.

God wants to know are you all in…? Are you going to allow others to think that you have failed or perhaps that you are a fool to trust and follow Him; but if and when you do, there is a blessing in-store for those of us who endure on His behalf?

You can either play for the fool  for God and be blessed in the outcome or you can play the fool for another and get all there is that you are looking for and then some…

Listen baby… Everybody plays the fool sometimes… There is no exception to the rule

Except that those in God can expect that even the foolish things of God work to our good.

If we must play the fool – Do it for God – It can’t do anything else but bless you.


STAMINA…How Long Can You Last?

Stamina… How Long Can You Last?

We grown folk talkin’. You ever have to push someone off? “Alright nih, that’s enough. You’ve proven you’re the best; now get up” , is what you exclaim.

That’s all God is saying to us… My blessings will keep going and going and going… That’s why we have to constantly feed our spirit, in order to try to keep pace in all that God is doing.

Some love, you push off. Some love, you hold onto. God says if we just keeping holding on, He is able to last till eternity. What a love… What a lover… What a God…

Stop being so squeamish about God, as if He doesn’t know what you ve done, who you’ve been doing it with and who you have and intended to do it with.

Be open with your Lord and your creator wirh respect of who He is and His omnipotence, that He already knows. It will help you defeat some things that you think you’re hiding but they have you living defeated because you’re thinking that you are keeping something from God.

How long can you last living impotent? No strength, stamina or power but we say we are in Christ.

A blessed life is potent, fruitful and multiplied.

I’m not tappin’ out this time. I’m holding on until He blesses me.


Animal Kingdom…

Animal Kingdom…

Nothing or no one leaves this life unscathed; even in the Animal Kingdom we can see that life happens to everyone; just as it does with the jungle we call life.

Take the MMA Fighters… What’s the difference between them and a cock-fight or a pit-bull fight? Caged and fighting for their very lives.

Hindu won’t eat cows because they take them to be sacred and that they might one day return as one, and what if they do return as one, but with Mad Cow Disease.

The strays and the feral (disenfranchised), walking the streets only to be apprehended by the pound, only to live out their days from one kennel to another (jailed) for life, not for any doing on their part, just born at the wrong place and time… Just life…

Some are born into a family of pedigree and nothing spared or lacking, but love and time… A life of solitude and loneliness.

There are some who seems to have it perpetually good, while others the bad.

Adoption happens and animals are released into a loving family and they learn that all life isn’t bad; strays and the feral get taken in by someone in need of love and they become lifetime companions.

We can try to save the animals just as we’ve attempted to save the unfortunates in Africa or some other third world country.

The rains fall upon both the just and the unjust…  Life in God allows for us to expect the best there is.

Get out of your feelings and get into God, whose Kingdom has already been established.




Sometimes all we want and all we think that we need is a quick glimpse into what is to come; just a look through the peephole of time, to know what’s coming.  All we seem to receive is the myopic scope of a very limited view of a great expanse that is just too big to fit into the focus of our lens, no matter how we try to look around corners… It’s just not possible when God has the blinders up on all sides and tells us to keep looking straight ahead.

Peepholes are first and foremost for security, to see who or what is on the other side of the doorway that poses potential harm.

Secondly, they are to allow what or who was once unknown to be made known. So like God… always revealing and making things known to us that were once veiled or hidden.

A peep is all that’s needed oftentimes to give us that sense of safety; to either stay put or to go.

The view maybe narrow but it keeps us from overstepping boundaries that God has set in place.


It’s A Suicide Mission…

It’s A Suicide Mission…

To go toe-to-toe, mono e mono with God takes something else that you won’t know that you have, until it’s all that you have left to hold onto.  Jacob wrestled with God until the breaking of day and he prevailed.

Jacob was willing to hold onto God until he was either be blessed or killed.  When God promises a blessing over your life – you’re willing to see it come to fruition or die about it; there is no in-between, it’s all or nothing – “It’s A Suicide Mission”.

The weight of God’s promise(s) sometimes appears to be more than we are able to bear and it is – we need God to see us through until it comes to be and to go forward once it’s both finally visible and tangible.

Thank God that He is The Resurrection or else many of us might not make it through till the end because death at times seems eminent – God, either you bless me or take me up out of here; is what we often feel, but continue not to lean to your own understanding but in all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.

As with Jacob, God will bless you instead of kill you for choosing to hold on in-spite of death being so nigh to you.  Keep holding on and you will be blessed.


Immaculate Conception… At Last.

Immaculate Conception…  At Last.

Disclaimer: Get your mind out of the gutter

God overshadowed Mary and she conceived.  Do you allow yourself to understand the magnitude of that statement?  God overshadowed her and inseminated her with an idea that she had to believe for, in order to conceive.

He (God) doesn’t have to touch us physical in order for us to conceive or conceptualize or to bring into fruition that which He has promised.  We have to first accept the gift of the idea that it could be done to us by His Holy Spirit.

God gave Mary quite a powerful orgasm.  An orgasm is nothing but a climax of excitement.  She became excited about God choosing her to perform a miracle.  When was the last time that you climaxed at what God promised you?  When God comes hails you and announces a phenomenal promise, it’s going to sound inconceivable, if you don’t believe that it is possible through God.
The idea of Heaven is inconceivable; however, if you cannot imagine the possibility of its existence, then you just might not wake up there.  How can you believe for Heaven, something not here on earth, and not be able to believe that God will perform those things which were told to you?

Every creature on earth reproduces after its own but only one does it out of pleasure and that is the humankind.  After a time, even the most excitable of lovers grow to a slow ember and no longer a roaring fire, no matter how much Cialis or Viagra you pump through your veins.  God had a mission to accomplish, to have generations to praise Him and the only way to accomplish that goal was through procreation; and He needed to make that task as enjoyable as possible.  And here we are… still going strong… and much of us are I enjoying thoroughly being able to partake of God’s declaration, “Be fruitful and multiply.”

We never seem to put ourselves into these Bible stories but the Bible is mankind’s “Never Ending Story”. Whomever reads it, is also engulfed knee-deep as Atreyu in the swamp (See the movie J). What God did for Mary, He also did for you and I; we must believe and receive what it is that He told us.

When you’ve been made love to by God and He shares that part of Himself with you that is the most important; His essence, His spirit; and His promise – you think to yourself… At Last, At Last, At Last.

When you’ve fallen head over heels in love, the next thing you want to do is get hitched! Aren’t you ready to be married yet?

Serenade your God with these lyrics…

At last Song Lyrics

My love has come along

My lonely days are over

And life is like a song oh yeah

At last

The skies above are blue

Oh my heart was wrapped up in clover

First night I looked at you oh yeah

Well I found a dream, that I could speak to

A dream that I can call my own

And I found a thrill to press my cheek to

A thrill that I have never known

At last

My love has come along

Oh my lonely days are over

And life is like a song oh yeah

Well I found a dream, that I could speak to

A dream that I can call my own

And I found a thrill to press my cheek to

A thrill that I have never known

When you, when you smiled

Oh and then the spell was cast

Darlin’ here we are in heaven

For you are mine

At last

Darlin’ here we are in heaven

For you are mine

At last