Just One Word. Yes! You Can Call Me Crazy.


Just One Word. Yes! You Can Call Me Crazy.

It’s nerve-wrecking to say the least of what I am experiencing. Laid down last night scared of what I’d just read and rose up full of trepidation and a healthy fear of what is to come.  This post might get lenghthy but God must get His Glory from the fruit of my lips/fingers for His mercy endureth forever towards me.

I will never forget the still, small voice of correction when God “checked me” in my lifestyle right in His word.  Religiously, I used to read “Our Daily Bread” devotional and although I was willfully sinning, I was still having my steps ordered by the Lord.

I was knee deep into some fast money and it was coming hand-over-fist and I could feel the spirit on it – I just wanted more of it, I’d never had it come so quick and so fast; nearly replenishing itself. I stayed counting it, hiding it, so-called “saving” it for a rainy day; so that whatever I spent, I made sure to get it back to replenish the stash. As to attempt to legitimize my actions, I did give some away; a giver will always be a giver, regardless if they’re rich or poor; it’s a heart action.

Always looking for a word of encouragement and guidance, I flipped and folded the page of the devotional and correction was staring me dead in my face and I couldn’t play dumb if I wanted to, I was dead wrong and I knew it, as I read (2 Kings 5:26) Is it a time to receive money, and to receive garments, and oliveyards, and vineyards, and sheep, and oxen, and menservents, and maidservants?

God had given me a promise some months before this time about great things that He would accomplish in and through me; but in the meanwhile, I needed to live, why not well; is what I was thinking.

Boom! There it was, and truth be told it was the needed correction to halt what was coming to devour me in the form of the the law and then from God.  Like getting a beating by your grandparent or neighbor when they saw you acting out and then turn around and get another one from your parents – Double for my trouble… Literally.  I struggled with how could I stop something so lucrative and beneficial, or so I thought for my family, but a straight up warning from God like this was as a burning bush – I couldn’t turn away. I stopped. Period.  Sometimes you just have to obey or else.  Some correction is swift  and punishment expedited but the punitative and financial damages was the least of my worries, had I not done what thus saith the Lord.

Since that day of correction I have struggled financially and I was well aware of why; and it’s been years, in comparison to the time of the “come up”, which only lasted for a few months.

And since that time I read in between the lines of that correction.  If you read it again, you will see the subtle promise hidden in the message “Is it a time?” Therefore, spiritually reading the correction over and again, I saw that there must be a time; If not now, down the line.  I held on to that as I knew that consequences were soon to take hold of the situation.  No one gets off scott-free.

The journey I have been on since has been amazing because God has been preparing me as I went through and even I must admit that I can see the change in me, before anyone get’s the opportunity to make the discovery.

While delving into trying to prepare a word of encouragement as I try to do daily, which you see if you follow me and my posts; and as I searched the scriptures, I came across a scripture that I had to have read more than once before but when I read it yesterday, I turned aside to see it because it was as if I was seeing it for the first time and it blessed my soul.

If ever you’ve heard God say “No”, indeed you recognize when you hear Him finally say, “Yes”.  Yesterday the Lord spoke in the same still, small voice and I have been unglued since yesterday.

I’m still trembling because even after pleading, begging and nearly committing spiritual suicide by wanting to give up, God remained faithful and sent His word to me. (Luke 1:45) “Blessed is she that believed; for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.”

The significance of this is so great because only I know what the Lord spoke to me and it finally confirmed to me that I wasn’t crazy when I first heard Him say it.  I have appeared crazy to both myself and I’m am quite sure others alike but what’s lunacy to me, is abundant blessings of God here on earth.

There is one thing to believe… Then there’s another to hear a Yes!

Weird much?  Oftentimes I have to ask God is He sure that He wants me to share these testimonials because folk might begin to think that I’m some kind of religious loon and what was intended to do good by giving a testimonial, turns others away; but God said just do what I told you to do, tell them about me and about us, and our relationship and I will deal with the after effects.

It’s only crazy if it doesn’t work.  I know too much about Him for anything to make me doubt Him.

When I saved the word “Yes” that you see as a graphic, I knew I wouldn’t have the authorization and clearance to use it until I had actually heard it unequivocally via my spirit, and to have heard it yesterday still has me shaking my head in dismay as when I first heard the instruction.

Overwhelmingly, my spirit extols Holy, Holy, Holy and Blessings and Thanksgivings to God who has remembered me and His promise to me.  Glory be to God, in Jesus Name I pray.  Amen.




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