It’s A Suicide Mission…

It’s A Suicide Mission…

To go toe-to-toe, mono e mono with God takes something else that you won’t know that you have, until it’s all that you have left to hold onto.  Jacob wrestled with God until the breaking of day and he prevailed.

Jacob was willing to hold onto God until he was either be blessed or killed.  When God promises a blessing over your life – you’re willing to see it come to fruition or die about it; there is no in-between, it’s all or nothing – “It’s A Suicide Mission”.

The weight of God’s promise(s) sometimes appears to be more than we are able to bear and it is – we need God to see us through until it comes to be and to go forward once it’s both finally visible and tangible.

Thank God that He is The Resurrection or else many of us might not make it through till the end because death at times seems eminent – God, either you bless me or take me up out of here; is what we often feel, but continue not to lean to your own understanding but in all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.

As with Jacob, God will bless you instead of kill you for choosing to hold on in-spite of death being so nigh to you.  Keep holding on and you will be blessed.



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