Sometimes all we want and all we think that we need is a quick glimpse into what is to come; just a look through the peephole of time, to know what’s coming.  All we seem to receive is the myopic scope of a very limited view of a great expanse that is just too big to fit into the focus of our lens, no matter how we try to look around corners… It’s just not possible when God has the blinders up on all sides and tells us to keep looking straight ahead.

Peepholes are first and foremost for security, to see who or what is on the other side of the doorway that poses potential harm.

Secondly, they are to allow what or who was once unknown to be made known. So like God… always revealing and making things known to us that were once veiled or hidden.

A peep is all that’s needed oftentimes to give us that sense of safety; to either stay put or to go.

The view maybe narrow but it keeps us from overstepping boundaries that God has set in place.



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