Out For Delivery…

Out For Delivery…

In order to birth you must first carry.  One thing I haven’t witnessed is a baby being born before having spent time in the womb for some reasonable period of time; there is no way around it.  You can have a premature birth but you cannot have birth without having some time to mature.

There is no delivery or coming out until there has been time spent connected to life.  Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life; and we must spend time in Him so that we grow enough to sustain life in Him.

We want to be Out for Delivery but it takes time, it takes a processing and handling to prepare us for that final arrival and destination.

The shipping is always determined by the weight of the object and how far it has to travel.

What we expect from God is weighty (The Glory) and the destination from Heaven to our lives takes the logistics of faith to make the delivery even possible because God doesn’t accept any other form of payment.

My spirit has confirmed that shipment of my destiny has been shipped and God says that I can track it through his word and promises.  He guarantees shipment; and no word He has sent forth has been returned to Him void.

The Holy Spirit delivers even on weekend and holidays; and all deliveries are insured by God’s promise and oath to perform those things which were told to us from Him – there will be no lost packages.

Even if I haven’t ordered anything, I live each and every day in expectation that God has a delivery on the way to me.



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