For The Dreamers…

Father, what I mean when I pose the question to your servant King David “But did you dream?” Mind you, I can only see from my own perspective. My vantage pointis the similar to his – I was given a promise that was spoken over my life, some years ago now, but the years don’t negate what was said. During the waiting period throughout the passing time, I have come into knowledge of you that I would not have learned any other way, other than to go through the time that has been spent. And, I am humbly thankful to first be chosen and then to see myself enduring by and through your grace and mercy.
The day that the cruse of oil flowed over David’s head, he went back out to the field to continue on shepherding his Father’s sheep – He continued on doing his earthly father’s business while waiting for the day that he would be instated in to his official post as King of Israel.
But did he dream of the day when he would sit upon the throne? Did he allow his mind to wonder how the bed would feel, how the corridors throughout the palace would meander to and through? Was he able to frolic through the fields of his wistful mind and remain totally unencumbered by his current life as he journeyed in faith to his new vocation?
I am dreaming so much and to the point Father where I am hardly able to contain them within the confine of my mind – the dreams are bleeding out and are obscuring my vision or perhaps is the blood curing me of a disease that has been hindering my vision all the while – unbelief.
The book of Psalms are filled to the hilt and running over with what I see as your own issues with anxiety, frustration and fears. However, you received your expected end because you remained faithful in the face of all that came up against what the Lord had declared over your life.
You remembered being covered in oil and the prophet Samuel declaring you the King of Israel and though the residue may have dissipated from your hair and skin, the sweet savor of the memory was forever ingrained to be a memorial to remind you of who God said that you were, even when Goliath spoke against you in battle and even when your brothers rebuked you for being there in the first place; to the time when you were on the run for your very life because the man you were sent to replace was hell-bent on seeing your demise – the oil helped you to remain focused and steadfast against all the odds that were set before you.
Greatness comes at a cost – a high price. We can never repay the Lord for all that he has done. What we are able to give is our life. It takes just that much in order to give the glory, honor and praise to God. What more can we offer him, other than what is most precious to us? Our lives are his to give and to take, but to offer it up to him as a willing sacrifice – to say Lord, I trust you with it though I haven’t a clue much of the time of what you are gaining from it. But to know that we say yes to him, glorifies him as Savior and Lord of our lives and that lifting up of him with the way that we live our lives is what draws all men to him.
We are then blessed as we come and blessed as we go – because we are blessed in knowing him for ourselves, but then we are blessed as we go about our lives giving honor to him; and he in return blesses us even the more because we have been faithful – it’s a repetitive, perpetual and reciprocating action of blessing and love that continues throughout the life of a Dreamer.

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