Gotta Luv It

Gotta Luv It…

I’m no different than any of you – I suffer heartaches, financial and personal struggles on a daily basis.  Life is hard at times but beautiful and a blessing also.

The one thing that must be paramount and not tantamount is God in our lives, regardless of what we go through.  God is the same whether we are up or down-and-out in life; His sufficiency  and love never wanes – it’s always available.

Some want life without the Word, when the Word is the life.  Jesus is the Word.  And we must love Him in order for the type of longevity and success we want to have in this life.

I want to know how deep this love can go.  I’m addicted, fixated, obsessed, fanatical, passionate, enamored; and in awe of what God can and will do for me and those who love Him.  And not out of some semblance of piety or privilege – Just Love.

To be totally transparent, I often wonder why I was chosen to seek Him in this manner and medium, to continue to write and encourage – even when at times I’m crumbling inside and God takes my tears, the muddy mess I am and plops me back on the potter’s wheel, pours His spirit into me and molds me back into a worshipper, because I was created to worship.

In relationships, “liking” a person can only take you so far.  “Love” can make you endure till death do us part and God promises us life in Him, but you “Gotta Luv It”.

We must learn to love in-spite of.  Love spurs me to encourage when I want to eject myself up off the turntable.  Love inspires me to be an inspiration even when it all appears to be in vain.  His love is my incentive to bless others when I am stand in desperate need of a blessing myself.

I look forward to hearing His word daily; therefore, I look forward to encountering and fellowshipping with God daily.  Relationships, like Rome, weren’t built in a day.

It’s not ESP or a type of sixth sense but you will have God whispering sweet-nothings into your life and so much more; it’s inexplicable.

When you know that you know that you know… that you are in love, it’s scary because there is a fearful vulnerability that is always present, that makes us constantly aware that we can be hurt badly, but if God allows hurt to enter our lives, He is also God enough to heal our lives.

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