Gideon’s Way…

Have you ever asked God to confirm a certain thing that was in your spirit that only you and He would know what it was? Sort of like Gideon when he asked that the fleece be wet and the ground dry one morning, and then when God did that, he asked for the ground to be wet and the fleece to be dry; seemingly to make sure it was not a fluke that the first happened. Question: Why is it that we always question our sanity or God’s faithfulness when He does EXACTLY what we requested? Why are we amused, shocked and amazed every time? One would think that after He kept doing it and proved Himself several times we would eventually become used to it – right? However, we can never get used to the magnificence of God because He changes it up just enough to keep our anticipation, expectation, wants, desires and hopes directed and focused on Him to see just how He will bring it to pass this time around. He is simply just amazing!

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