The Missing Link…

What is the missing link? No, I am not talking about the link that evolutionist think went from a monkey and stood up to be Homo erectus. I am referring to that link that is between us being on one side of a blessing of God and then on to the other side – and be fully aware that it was He and only He that caused the bridge, the link that was missing to be filled in, in order for us to cross over into it. Sort of when you are standing on one side of a river and there is a thick fog that covers the bridge; you know that there is another side but until the fog lifts, you are at an impasse and are unable to cross over to where it is that you desire to be. What is that “missing link” that moves the heart and hand of God to lift the fog to our destiny that we may cross over into it? It’s Jesus who stretched his arms wide, so that we are able to go from one blessing to another unencumbered and to receive what it is that God has for us. Jesus is the go-between and the port of exchange for not enough to become more than enough – from a spirit of heaviness and exchange it for a garment of praise. There is no more toll cost to be paid – Jesus paid it all and we have free range and travel to have hope and expectancy from God.

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