Calling MayDay!

Calling MayDay!

We discover faith, like those lost at sea find a buoy; all along it has been there but while we were safe on the ship, we didn t think that it would come in handy. However, all of us in life are going to encounter some storms, maybe even ship-wrecked and we cling to that buoy as we do to our faith because once we get so far out there, the less there is to grab a hold to and even less people to help. Once we come so far with God, we realize that he is all that we have BUT once we come into that knowing, we realize that we cannot go back to where we had been and not knowing what the future holds makes us depend on him totally until our change comes. It is indeed a scary place to be in, having come to far to go back and to venture into unknown territories without knowing where we are headed and trusting God to bring us to our expected end. Grab hold of your faith as you would that buoy keeping you afloat in the sea; you wouldn t let that buoy go nor should you let go of your faith. The Holy Spirit hears our “May-Day!” calling out to him and soon enough our help from our Lord will arrive… #keeppressing!

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