The Worst Perversion of All…

Get one thing perfectly clear – Expectancy in God is not a perverted version of entitlement. To ask, to seek, to knock for what God has already said is yours, ours – mine – is not wrong; it s expected – ergo expectation. There is certain expectancy, a faith that all believers should have in God’s word that we are supposed to partake of – not greed but rightful ownership and inheritance – a stake in the kingdom carved out just for us. Many are living or hovering right around the poverty line (in the spiritual sense as well as of the rabbit-ear pockets) and that is not God’s best for us. Success in all things, in every area of our lives is what God desires for us to have as joint-heirs with Christ. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.

God is neither slack in his promises nor impotent that he cannot birth within us what is needed to bring us joy and him glory. Most of us do not have much to give, but God says that he has already given us what he requires for us to see his hand move in favor of our lives – It s our faith. Lay your faith before the Father on the altar and leave it there. God says that your faith is enough, it s all that he needs in order to release what has been kept back, because you refused to believe that he was both willing and able to bring it to pass. He gave you your measure of faith to sow, to increase and to grow. If you never release it, if you take and bury it, then it cannot be used at it s full potential.

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