God’s drop-in-the-bucket outpouring is a tsunami of blessings in our lives. Our greatest blessing comes from knowing God in the pardoning of our sins and for Him being God – period. Everything else that we receive is a byproduct that many of us take for granted. Our peace and our prosperity are all in just knowing the Lord Jesus Christ.

When you take the time to sit and have a conversation with God, not always in prayer form but just talk to him as you would your best friend; keep it real and remember to still reverence HIM as the Creator, He will drop things into your spirit and guide your steps; and you will begin to notice that he is moving you along the path to your success. But none of that can happen apart from being in HIM.

Chase after time with God, not the things that He can give you and He will send His blessing to chase after you because you loved him simply for being Him. We are made in the likeness and in the image of God so much to the point wherein we find ourselves jealous if someone claims to love us, cheats on us. God wants nothing else before Him. Treat God like you are in the relationship of your dreams and he will bless you beyond your wildest dreams.



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