A Closed Mouth Don’t Get Fed…

You must ask God for what you want – point blank. Yes, He knows what we want; but He wants to hear you ask for it – in faith. He wants to know that you believe in what He told you will come to pass. Closed mouths don’t get fed and closed minds don’t get renewed to other possibilities. Why should He keep giving to someone who does not want to believe, nor will they act on what He purposes in their heart to do? Can you really be upset with Him, if that has been the person in whom you have become – cynical and such? Ask God for it all – all your dreams, all your desires, and for all of your hopes to be fulfilled. Cast your net out into the deep and expect to pull in a draught. There is no telling what all you will haul in, but I can tell you this – you won’t get anything if you do not ask.

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