Material Girl… Materialize.

Do you believe that dragons and unicorns existed, or where they just fairy-tales?  Well this may be surprising to some but they both once were upon this earth.

Read the Book of Job for yourself.  These weren’t metaphors and parables; this was God speaking.  Therefore, if we believe in them, then we can also believe in the fairy-tales that God has spoken into our spirit; and the many blessings.

“You know that we are living in a material world and I am a material girl.”

Faith and trust in His word is what lifts them from the pages of our imagination and materialized.  

Keep Pressing.

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The Way You Make Me…

The love of money keeps both the rich and the poor enslaved.  Our enemy is no respecter of who has the money or not.

The rich work themselves to death to both get and to keep it; while the poor work themselves to death to try to attain riches. Both are forms of slavery.  Put your trust in God to give you the exceeding and the abundant, but that which is in your means to handle.

Don’t blame the money, blame the way you feel about the money.

Keep Pressing.

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Get what God has for us…

Today, I had a lot of time to kill and so I decided to go on the web and house hunt for properties that were out of my league – In the millions. For most who are reading this message it is unthinkable to believe that you will ever be anywhere other than on the east, west, south or north sides of town; just driving the same streets back and forth to work and home each and everyday. When you think about that, its debilitating.  To own a home with enough space for you and your family to live comfortably in should be able to be obtained, am I right? It is even better to have a home that when your parents age and need care, you can have a room for them in your home, instead of placing them in the care of a nursing facility where they are being mistreated, or to have a room for your grandchildren to come over and play; because lets face it, many of us are now getting to that age where we either have or will have grandchildren soon.

Isn’t it God’s command that we have a inheritance for not only our children but our children’s children? Many don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to through it out, let alone leave an inheritance; yet God said that we should, and if he said that we should, then that means that we can, right? So my question is why are we not living to our potential?

Sad to say… People barely have enough to survive from week-to-week, therefore, being able to leave anything to our descendants is out of the question and that is a travesty against the Lord and His will for our lives.

Father, I ask that you enable to not only be a hearer, but also a doer of your word; not just in prosperity but in all the ways that you have instructed me to live my life as well as my family’s’ lives. Lord the kind of life that I seek can only come through you.

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Putt-Putt Enters the Race…

Get out of your putt-putt faith… starting and then stopping; not knowing when your faith is going to give out on you – and put you walking.

Get into luxury status where your faith in God goes into cruise control and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.  In order to win the race, you first must have to enter into it.

Stop riding in that putt-putt that only gets you from A to B.  Keep Pressing!

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Risky Business…

Oftentimes we have to take a glimpse back, not just in our past but the past of those that preceded us in order to draw strength before we can continue forward; we are already walking in blind faith, so what could it hurt? If you are believing God for something that you have never see done before in your or your family’s’ life, then you have to step further out in FAITH. We know that we can believe God for our bills being paid or getting a house or a car because we see those kinds of blessings manifested all day everyday.

How many millionaires do you know? Have you ever been to France or Italy, without having to be there for work in the Armed Services; I am talking about traveling on vacation out of the country? Believing beyond paycheck-to-paycheck. The Israelites had never seen God move in such a manner until they saw Him bring them up out of Egypt, not by might, nor by power or a sword but by His Spirit and He was faithful to His word that He would deliver them! NO blood was shed and they came out wealthy; all because they kept crying out to God, even when it seemed that He may not ever answer.

I encourage you today to believe God past what you already know that He can do and start believing in the unbelievable! It is not faith if you can see it or have already seen it.

Faith is Risky Business and Entrepreneurship in God… 

Keep pressing!

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Vice Squad…

Many stand with our past at our backs while we face an unclear future.  God has not brought us out of bondage of the world of doing dope, whoring, gambling, selling dope scheming & scamming, sickness & disease to say this is far as we go.  There were plenty of vices and graves out in the world, we see them being used and filled everyday.  God has a plan for our lives; trust, wait and see the salvation of the Lord.  You have a squad on your side… The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.  Keep Pressing!

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