All That Thorny Pain… So Beautiful.

Rose bushes are beautiful and I love to look at them – thorny and all. But sometimes it feels like when I am waiting on the Promise of God that I am lying in bed of rosebushes. The Promise He gave me is beautiful and I love to view it through my mind’s eye; the beauty of the color, velvety texture and fragrance of the roses will draw you in but when I try to get comfortable – it is as if I am being punctured everywhere I turn by the pricks of its protective thorns. But again – that is how I know that it is God’s garden that I am in. He won’t allow me to get too cozy and only experience Him through visions. However, His aim and goal is to spur me each and every time I turn off course by allowing prickly and unwanted pokes, and even more painful thoughts such as doubt to make me lie still and just enjoy the views and ambiance around me to remind me whose garden I am in and that I privileged to be invited into my very own Eden; and to allow Him to provide and care for me as He had originally intended. After so many pricks I know now to stop wrestling with where I am and instead enjoy where I am, because I am right where God would have me to be.

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