You Gotta Get That Dirt Off Your Shoulder…

I am a firm believer that if your desire is to be blessed, to be a blessing, and not just for ballin’, that God will honor your request. Sure there are people ballin’ out of control, but they are not richly blessed with what truly makes them happy or else there wouldn’t be such a high rate of suicides among millionaires and billionaires; and people who we had ascribed to being the epitome of what society deems a so-called success.

Only the blessings derived from the hand of God are of abundance and will keep you from being consumed; and those things not possessing you. Be careful for the intentions of what you are praying for. You just might get it all and it won’t be all that you thought it would be; it just might be too much, that it overtakes you or take you so far off course that it overwhelms you. Only God gives balance to shoulder blessings and helps you to bear the load of abundance. Excess of anything can kill you if not properly handled.

You gotta get that dirt off your shoulder or else you’ll remain off balance.  God gives that balance.



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