Class Action Lawsuits…

If I told you that there was an inheritance for you, would you pursue it? Of course you would. We have been assigned a Public Defender (Jesus), who is the mediating attorney between us and our inheritance and the best thing is that He has never lost a case! It is already in God’s Word that we are heir to a mass fortune, a great inheritance that is stored up for those of us who are trusting and believing in God. It is on public record in the Holy Bible, God wanted us to be aware of what his children are justified in asking for and to receive. First of all you have got to know what belongs to you. Secondly, you got to show up and ask for your inheritance. Finally, you must trust in your legal team – The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit (Dream Team got nothing on the Trinity), to get what is due to you, plus punitive damages for all of the suffering and anguish caused by the enemy trying to steal what is rightfully yours. Ya’ll better get in on this class action lawsuit… #keep pressing!

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