I’ve never seen the backstage preparation for a play but I have seen a play. All the work that goes into the play coming to the stage is usually unseen by theguests and we are simply the recipients of the final production. I don t have to see what God has going on behind the scenes in order for me to reap the benefits of His blessings that are being prepared right now, in order for me to enjoy them. He said that they are coming soon! The promises of God are ‘Yes and Amen”. Just as the marquee says that a play will open on a certain date and I show up and enjoy the show, the same goes for God’s blessing; I just have to show up; sometimes after much waiting and much perseverance – anticipation overwhelming, but the show will start on time and be even greater than ears have heard or eyes have seen or entered into the heart of man. The reviews for God’s plays are always “Thumbs up!” I believe that the curtain is about to rise in my life and not only will I be blessed but also those who are chosen to see.#ShowStartingSoon




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