Take It Up A Notch!

TAKE IT UP A NOTCH! And no I m not talking about with Emeril – I m talking about with God. He was the first and will be the last that says taste and see that the Lord is good! Thank the Lord for all that He has done, but now start thanking Him for what He is going to do in your life. God has done a thing, something in your life before and all He wants you to do is to trust Him that He can even out do Himself… God likes exceeding our expectations, that is why He said that He will do exceedingly and abundantly above all that you can ever ask or think. I dare you to trust Him one good time and you will Thank Him for the rest of your life! Trust that! He has shown me that I can trust in Him for all things! Even in those things that I cannot see or even consider can be done. He moves on behalf of the people who believe even when they cannot see, and for that I love Him even the more… God is such a good God. He knows how to love on me to make me continue to seek and love him even when it does not always feel good… But, He turns things around that I’ve thanked Him for, while going through. Who wouldn t serve a God like that? Hmmm… Good question?



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