The Big Cheese…

Once you get past the money – then you will be able to see what God truly has for you. Many get lost and trapped at the money stage of life. Observe what has been the fall of man for ages – Money! Ain’t nothing new up under the sun. The enemy knows that if he throws a few dollars your way, whether you a thousandnaire, millionaire, or billionaire – for a time he will have you bound; either with too much or too little. Just know that God has something even greater than money; and if you can say to Him “Thank you Lord for the financial blessing, but there is something that is greater than money that I want of you. I want more of you Father God” is when you will see the true wealth of God. Money is a tool for God to bless you; however, it’s to carry out His will. Money is like a rat-trap. You know what its intentions are, to kill and destroy you if at all possible, if not wisely used; to keep you chasing it and not focus on the true things of God. A lot of rats die trying to get the “Big cheese” off of the trap, but some use their ingenuity to figure out a way to obtain the prize – and we laugh out of respect that he was able to get away with it. God’s way is harder and that is why the way is so narrow and few choose to take His route, Oh but the reward! Get your mind off of the money and soon the money will chase after you.

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