The Hook Up…

Have you ever been waiting for a friend to come and you kept looking out the window and it seemed as if it took them an eon to arrive? You paced the floor like an addict waiting on his hookup. You peeked out the blinds every few minutes and time just crept by. People say that if you stop looking the time waiting would speed up – It’s like a slow torture; especially when you have been ready AND waiting. God tells us to diligently seek Him. He wants us to continuously look out for Him to bring promises to pass and expectancy to be fulfilled. No – He doesn’t want to torture us. He wants to know are you willing to keep on looking and expecting even though neither looks like they are going to come. Timely manner is on our timeline. Patience is on God’s timeline. He says diligently seek – that means to look without ceasing. We pace the floors waiting on folk to go nowhere truly important. Why not put our energies into something that will benefit us in the long run. Keep on looking regardless of the time that has elapsed or what seemingly hasn’t arrived. Only those who continue to seek shall find.

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