Something Only God Can Do We Have Something In Common…

Something Only God Can Do – We Have Something In Common…

Abraham and Sarah, Elizabeth and Zechariah, Hannah and Elkanah, Rachel and Jacob, and the Shunammite Woman and her Husband; all had something in common – Infertility.  They were all unable to bear children, to bring forth “Life”.

There are some things that only God can do – Only God alone can produce Life – whether barren, too young, and too old; no matter how infertile the environment, when God calls forth life, be it before time, in-time or out of season, God can produce it.

We have that same God and capability in common with all the aforementioned – to believe God for what He promised to be performed.

Whether we are well-off or impoverished; the life that we are in search of can only be called forth by God.  We are in search of a new life, one that has never been seen before, it’s a form of giving birth – and once again – Only God produces life.

Miscarriages, stillbirths, accidents and non-accidental deaths of unborn lives happen on a daily basis; the same goes for un-birthed dreams and promises of God.

Another thing that we have in common with all the above is the same ability to have faith and to believe that God alone is the giver of life and to trust Him to bring it forth in our lives.

Life encompasses a myriad of different equations to work out the possibilities, and not the probabilities of peace, love, and joy.  Is there anything too hard for God? All things are possible to those that believe.

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