Sugar Hill… “A Rapper’s Delight”

Sugar Hill… “A Rapper’s Delight”

When you first heard Rapper’s Delight you didn’t really know what it was that you were hearing, you just knew that you liked it.  It was new, fresh, questionable lyrics but somehow relatable to me, as a young black youth – finally hearing someone who resembled the dudes I knew, and spoke the language, vernacular, parlance and idioms that I heard growing up as a child.

Hibby to the Hip Hop…? Some might say it resembled speaking in tongues

With the disclaimer clearly being stated off rip, “Now what you hear is not a test”, blatantly exclaims to us that we were indeed the guinea pigs of our day.  They were obviously not sure whether or not this word of delight was going to delight at all – They had no idea what they had inspired for generations to come.  They were the gang of rapping disciples that wanted to say hello to the black, to the white, the red and the brown, the purple and yellow. – All people.

Parable after parable, life about the culture that I and everyone else around me were experiencing was being expressed in explicit form.  Ho-tel, mo-tel, Holiday Inn… If your girl starts acting up, then you take her friend.  I couldn’t wait to stay at a Holiday Inn.

Three individuals speaking as One, each bringing their own relevance to the trio/trinity.

How to relate socially was even addressed – social skills and etiquette – The Golden Rule or pillars of the faithDo unto others as you would have them do unto and love they neighbor as thyself.

It instructed on how to conduct oneself if you ever find yourself over a friend’s house to eat and the foods no good and chicken that tastes like wood.  If offered, don’t lie, pile some more on your plate and afterwards run to the store for a quick relief from a bottle of Kaopectate.  Then you call your friend two weeks later to see how he has been.  And he says, “I understand about the food but we’re still friends”.

Words of Inspiration if I ever heard one… When I first heard the Word being preached I knew that this word was for me and anyone who wanted to receive it.  You may have questions about something that you’ve read or heard; no one knows every lyric to every song… Although you still try to sing it – Still try to live out this life as best you can for Christ’s sake.

The Bible – “I Used to love her”… And Still Do.

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