I can not let the rocks cry out in my place. I can not be one of the 9 lepers who did not return to say “Thank You”. I have the symptom of the woman at the well of Samaria who wants, who must tell the entire town to come and see this man, the Son of God, who has told me things about myself and who has healed me of my sins. I had many sins and lived a sinful life, but was given the Word, the Lord Jesus Christ and it turned my life around. He waited for me in the heat of the day to come in my shame, yet He valued, cared and so loved me that He felt it necessary to come to where I was; a social OutKast, to say that He loved me and that I could do, be and live better; and I want to, and I am going to live out this life of a person who has been saved, born again and bought with a price. I am going to live this life with gratitude, servitude and appreciation because I once was lost but now I am found; that is living a life of Thankfulness! Keep Pressing-

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