From A to Z…

You want the blessings of God, but not the God of the blessing. It’s simple deductive reasoning – You can’t go from A to Z, unless you are S.A.V.E.D.

Stop putting the cart before the horse.

There are a whole lot of letters between the letters A and Z; and you didn’t pass kindergarten before learning them all, and neither will you get what God has for you without going through the necessary steps of learning the basics – first.

Keep Pressing!

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Tear Here… Not Just A Suggestion.

Woke up feeling like Jairus this morning… In desperate need of the Lord’s help but instead of my daughter dying, it felt like my hopes and dreams. I felt the need to tell the Lord a “play-by-play” of what I needed Him to do in my life – that would make me happy.

Then I thought, He already knows. The hopes and dreams came from Him, so He very well knows what it is that I desire.

Then the enemy said to me, “Your hopes and dreams are dead, do not trouble the Master any longer.” And, then the Lord said to me – “Only believe! Believe in God!”

Lord, it does not matter to me whether or not you stop on the way to help me, to get glory from another; as in the case with the woman with the issue of blood, while on the way to Jairus’s house. You have enough healing for us all. Just because others say that my situation is dead, you can give it life; even if you show up LATE! (As if there were such a thing as the Lord not being on time.)

You do not work in time.  You work in eternity, and call those things that be not as though they were.  Just as long as you show up. You will get the Glory from my life as well. Jairus, as well as myself could have grown angry and bitter because it seems that our time to be blessed has passed us by, but I believe God and I trust in your impeccable timing. Jairus returned to His home, knowing good and well that his daughter lay dead as I return to this j.o.b. – which seemingly is a dead-end job, but I trust as Jairus believed his daughter could be raised, that I too shall be raised up to do full-time what my purpose is and to fulfill my destiny.

Don’t stop believing, no matter what the situation may appear to look like – with God all things, even the impossible are possible.

Life oftentimes is difficult to open, but God will direct us when and where to tear and rip into it; and the blessings of life spill-out and over everyone in attendance.

God’s blessings come by directives and not just a suggestion.  The manufacturer Himself pre-destined or pre-designed the perforations of life to make it easier to access what He has for us.

Keep Pressing!


I Think You’ve Forgotten…

You want to be encouraged today that anything is possible with God?

Read 2 Kings:7 and Yes, the entire chapter and just see the move of God and how when God decrees a thing to come to pass, there is no stopping it from coming into fruition.

There has been a feeling of electricity flowing through me today and to be guided to this passage today, really confirmed to me that I know that I have heard from the Lord and that He is going ahead of me, making my crooked ways straight.

Walking out our destiny is a lot easier when we are flowing in our predestined purpose…

Whatever you do, don’t forget about God; and why you ventured upon this journey of faith in the first place; He hasn’t forgotten and neither should we.

Keep pressing!

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And The Thunder Rolls…

As I listen to the thunder rolling outside, it stirs something in me. I know that I cannot see the thunder, but I can feel its roaring power just the same as if it were right next to me.

God’s promise(s) to me rumbles through me like the thunder booming through atmosphere. My spirit and faith are as expansive as the heavens above and even though I cannot see the promise(s), I can feel its conspicuous presence agitate what God has placed inside of me; and as it separates the unclean and unproductive spirits from my clean and resolved belief in what is to come, then a peace washes over me.

Sometimes what I feel frightens me, just as a loud thunderous grumble from the firmament when I hear it speak. Other times it’s a blessing because it signifies the blessings of God’s favor about to be poured out. Both the thunder and I have to do God’s bidding and fulfill His will and purpose.

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Life or Death? I’ve got a choice to make; so do you. I choose life; so can you. What’s hard about that is that it must be done on a daily basis – Choose to live or to die that is… Easier said than done, it’s no wonder we grow old, who can endure making that same choice over and over again, and it’s hard to do even when things ARE going particularly “Good”. It would be so easy to believe once, and that one time be good for the rest of our lives, but it doesn’t work like that, does it…? Today once again I choose life.

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Once Upon A Time…

Once upon a time… In my early stages of life, admittedly, I can say that I believed in God – I just didn’t trust HIM. If something didn’t go as I would have planned for it to have gone, I would simply take actions into my own incapable hands. And then once I made a mess of it, I would then hand it back to God to make a pot out of my marred life. After quite a bit of time, trial and error; as well as much of life lived, I have found that it’s best to trust God out the gate and allow him to bring his promise(s) and fulfillment to my life in his own way. However, God had a different plan and that was for us to learn to love him over time – in a growth period. Relationships grow in trust over time spent with one another. God learns to trust me with more when I reciprocate trusting him more. You cannot trust someone that you do not know. Get to know God, get to trusting in God and then you will be able to trust in what you do not see to come to pass.

Happily ever after is every day that I trust God.