Get Out!

Sometimes you have to come to yourself and recognize where God has. We’re in that “Sunken place”, that place where we have no control.

Our heart, mind and spirit have to been open to receive whatever He wants to deposit into us and realize that we have been placed here, set apart from all others to be here on the backside of the mountain to be taught by revelation; and if you have never been cut off from everything so that you can only hear His voice, then you do not know what it is that you are missing.

Yes, it does get hard but when Moses came out, he delivered the children of Israel. When Jesus came out, He defeated Satan. When Jacob came out, he was rich and had the woman he loved. When Paul came out, he wrote many of the books of the New Testament and when Abraham came out he was the Father of the Nation of Israel as well and many more nations that sprung forth because of his obedience.

What shall become of us? Hmmm… I cannot wait to see, but I know that in order for us to do so, we must remain here hidden until God says that it is time for us to depart; and that is a hard, jagged pill to swallow sometimes but when we look at where He has brought us from and how He has kept us thus far.  

He has led us here, and will surely lead us out!…#IsurrenderALL

You don’t need the keys… Trust God to show up like TSA and get things handled – It’s what He does. Consider your situation handled.

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