Gladly Accepting Hand-Me-Downs!

Hand-me-downs are something that many of us have experienced at one time or another throughout our lives. I’ve had my own share of clothes, cars and houses that were passed from one person down to me; some of it good – some of it not so good, but I was thankful for it all sometimes

Perhaps you have had your religion handed down from your parents and even go to the same church that your parents and grandparents attended; yet never having experienced true worship for yourself. However, there is one hand-me-down that we can all be glad was given and that is Christ Jesus through grace by faith; passed down from Abraham to all of his adopted children who are now joint-heirs with Christ. We can never outgrow Him nor grow tired of His goodness and faithfulness.

I look forward to what our Lord will pass down next – wealth, abundance, renewal of spirit, peace of mind; those things that can only come through knowing Him.images (9)


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