Anyone who knows me, I mean really knows me, knew that I was about my dude honey! LOL And for the most part, they reciprocated. However, I reserved the right to tip just as hard as they did. I attracted to me the kind of guy that I was willing to settle for. He wasn’t faithful and neither was I. It wasn’t until I made up in my mind that I wanted a monogamous relationship; and that I was willing to be faithful that God sent me a man that felt the same way as I did; and wanted true fidelity.

The same goes for our relationship with God. Until we make up our minds that we are going to be faithful to God, and that we are willing to trust Him regardless of what we see before us, we will always have a distance between us.  Our destiny can only be revealed once we make the conscience decision that we want God; and that we want to be faithful to Him – and not do it our own way. Faithfulness is nothing more than monogamy. What you attract to you, says a lot about who YOU are.

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