Grow Organic!

Both Adam and Eve were both produced organically; Adam from the dust of the ground and Eve from Adam; whether you practice composting or recycling – it’s all conservation to extend life on this planet.

God taught Adam the art form of how to properly tend to a garden, so that when Eve came along, he would know how to tend to her, as he had done before in the garden.

As with interest, conservation and faith; they all accrue over time; the value and profit aren’t seen instantaneously.  It’s better to grow organically, than to artificially create; it’s just better for you and the people, community and the world around you.

The same goes for our relationship between us and God.  Time with God grows organically; long even before see and harvest time; God was treating the soil of our lives to prepare faith to take root; if the soil isn’t fertile, no fruit can be produced.

Grow Organic – It’s better for your spiritual health.





God cannot be sold, He can only be freely given. It may be gold in your hands now, but as like with King Midas, it will surely kill you – slowly and surely.

So, ultimately what is it really worth to you? Sounds to me that someone was sold a bill of goods that Life can be Scot-free when it really isn’t . 

God wants a “life”. If you don’t have it to give, then you cannot afford the cost of Salvation. And, He not only wants the life He gave in return, but a return on His original investment- He has the audacity to mention interest to! Life as valuable as it is, isn’t enough to return to God, He wants more, He wants it all. The glory, the honor and the praise, that can only be produced organically. And that can only come by way of Jesus, who paid a ransom for All because our lives alone are nothing but filthy rags.

Emancipation can never be bought. The promises of God are in essence are Scot-free. Jews exited Egypt with no loss compared to the opposition.
African Americans were converted from bondsman to free with hardly any skin in the game, compared to the other persuasion, the Caucasian. We were already impoverished, therefore, it cost us nothing. Let’s just call it an “Even swap, ain’t no swindle”, each side took one for its team.
Everything that we truly desire comes at a cost that we cannot afford. If that dude or chick don’t love you, not all the money will make them. Love, peace, rest, honor, faith and the like thereof are all Scot-free, but they come at the cost of trusting Almighty God; which is free to them that believe.


To Be Or Not To Be? Answer The Question

Trust me, I was dreading and wanting to do it at the same exact time.  This is what I said I wanted to do – right? Be an inspiration to others.  I didn’t take to it like a duck to water, but I glided into like a newborn into his new world – wet behind the ears, but open to every possibility that life offers; covered in mess, but still blessed to be alive.

Life was breathed into me because what was birthed in me, came to life.  It’s not about the numbers, but that I accomplish that which is in my heart.  It’s the small stones that come together and combine to make the foundation needed to build upon.

To finally step into that role, to speak live, some of the intimate and personal thoughts of how I walk with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit blesses me beyond any descriptive word in the English language.

When I woke up this morning, I despaired because once again I was rising up to go and do something that I didn’t necessarily want to be doing; when there are so many people rising up going about their day doing exactly what they wanted to be doing; and not what they had to be doing, such as myself.

One thing that I can say about myself is that “I live in the moment”, I’m not frightened off by much in this life because I know that God is with me and guiding my stumbling steps.

I just decided that I would live out another day trusting God – no holds barred and my spirit is blessed beyond measure.  We just have to be doer’s and there is and will always be risk in anything we do.  I can’t worry about who feels me and who doesn’t; those who are to be touched by God through my words of wisdom will not be denied because that’s why God uses the people who are open to do His will.

I couldn’t allow this day to pass by without me giving reverence and to say “Thank You” to God that He allowed me to BE.

To Be Or Not To Be? You have to answer that question for yourself.

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On Broadway…

Most big cities have a street called “Broadway” that are usually in the center of town or near the busiest traffic. Isn’t it funny that God called us to travel the less traveled road of “Narrow”…

Stop letting the bright lights of this world distract you from what’s really going on, before you end up on the Road to “Destruction”.

Signs are meant to guide you to your destination, not destruction. A marquee is only designed to show you the entrance – Know your signs.

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Sometimes we get so busy looking up at God that we don’t see the pit that we fall into, but we cry aloud to HIM and we get pulled out of the pit; only to find ourselves being sold into slavery. While in slavery we call out to God only to find ourselves being thrown into jail. While in jail we praise God for who HE is. Then we find ourselves being made governor of all, second only to pharoah himself.

Moral of the story: There are a lot of scam calls that come through the line. However, KEEP crying, keep calling and keep praising regardless of where you are at because God is aware of exactly where HE is taking you!

KEEP Pressing!


Break The Mold…

Funny how when we stare at the promises of God too long in our mind’s eye, that it causes our eyes to burn with tears because the images overwhelm us. We must ask ourselves the pertinent question of – why would God bless me like that? Who am I for him to do all that? Would he? Could he possibly be that good to me? People like you and me who are looking for God to move in a mighty way, to breakthe mold that has had us bound and ensconced in a placed where there is over-crowding (the bottom of the barrel) and people for generations alike.

Molds create the same thing repetitively and repeatedly over-and-over again without any variation or discriminate markings. The enemy wants us to believe that the life that God has called us to is a figment of our imagination – Only. God made each of individually, separately but in his likeness and image – Unique to anything or anyone. To get out of the assembly line of only receiving salvation and then living a life that is sub-par to what he has reserved for us is dishonorable to what Christ Jesus died for, to say the least. God created the stars in the heavens as innumerable as the sands of the seas.

And that same God, the one that we serve, the one that we trust, the one that we believe in, the one in which we live, move and have our being can go as big as we can imagine and trump that. God spoke all that we see and don’t see into existence. There is nothing that he cannot do. There is nothing too hard for him. The hard part is in us – hardened hearts – we find it difficult and some impossible, to simply believe that he is able to do what we believe him for.

Only faith will break us out. Break the mold that has your mind incarcerated against the power of God. If you keep doing what everyone around you is doing – you are (bound) to get what everyone else is getting. Salvation is free but the exceeding and abundant blessings come to those who believe that God rewards those who Ask, Seek and Knock. So… A.S.K.


The Joker’s Wild…

I know now. What is it that I know? That it takes far more than most are willing to give, to take, to do, to accomplish, to suffer through, to bear and to endure; in order to rise above the level where they are to an astronomical mind-shattering height. It is the reason why so many just settle where there are and say to themselves, “Whatever will be, will be”, “Que Sera, Sera”; and accept the status-quo that life just hands us a deck of cards that we have to play.

Just like the Joker in the deck of cards is wild – so is our God. Nothing can beat Him and I can call forth the life that suits me (yes pun intended) that I choose and not my opponent. He is the highest card we can throw down against our enemy and know that what I hold in my hand is all that I need – Faith in God.

Retirement was once a goal almost unbelievable and inconceivable for our forefathers, coming from families that hardly produced a high school graduate, not to mention a college degree. Retirement is now becoming a figment of our imaginations because there is hardly a company around for 20 or 30 years in order for you to retire from – should that be your goal.

Our goals have shifted. We now want to own the business we bleed, sweat and cry tears for; we want to work less and play more and still be productive. Mogul mindsets are what we have, but with a miser spirit. God said that He would give us vineyards we didn’t plant and houses we didn’t build.  And folks, it is out there, but we have to get that old way of believing out of our hearts and mind, and take God at His word. All that we used to fall back is no longer there; the system, our parents, our grandparents and securities we mistook for our normal. Soon all we are going to have to rely on is our faith in God and nothing less. God once led us by seeing miracles daily; pillar of clouds by day and pillars of fire by night. However, He wants to bring us into our Land of Promise but now we must possess it and it will only be through the power of faith. He cannot hold our hands forever. At some point we must trust Him fully. Therein lies where many are falling short. Fear will come. Doubt will smolder your fire and you have to use your flint stone of faith to strike up another ember to light your way back to praising God through all of the unknown that lay before us – Knowing that He is God and besides Him there is no other.

Faith is the master key that unlocks every door that God wants you to walk through. It’s hard to fight, but even harder to lie down and take a whooping. When we fight back it causes the length of the battle to lessen quicker than just taking the beating. Some folks will beat you down the street and in front of your friends and family because they know that you refuse to fight back. Their goal is to embarrass you and to keep you from standing up for yourself. Our enemy is no different. Every now and then we may take one for the team, but God’s word says in Isaiah 61:7 For your shame ye shall have double; and for confusion they shall rejoice in their portion: therefore in their land they shall possess the double: everlasting joy shall be unto them.

Helpful Hint: Lead out with the Joker and that way you level the playing field by knowing what your partner and your enemies have in their hands. God keeps everybody honest; and He won’t renege on His promises.  Trust Him and He’ll run the table.

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