Tread-Well… No Milling About.

Isn’t it funny how even when we want to just stop for a minute and get off of the treadmill of life, that God won’t allow us to quit. We might be tired, broken, limping and weary but He is the coach that continuously tells us that we can do it, that we can make it; and to keep going because victory is already ours.

If you are not sure exactly what God is doing – Great, you can now join the rest of us in the gym of life who are walking solely by faith and trusting in His character, even when we cannot trace Him or what it is that He is actually trying to accomplish in us.

His promises are still “Yea and Amen” and He has not run out of blessings or miracles, or favor. You might fall down but you cannot help but get back up and continue to run the race because we know in the end that there is a prize for those of us that endure to the end. You can finish what God has started in you. Trust in what He is doing and not in or of yourself.



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