No Plan B.

God is not a back-up solution to our sometimes bad decision(s), whether the act was against our will or willfully done.  He is our only solution.

He is always looking to be fruitful and birthing new possibilities into our lives; and He requires that our interaction with Him be skin-to-skin, e.g. bare-backed or going raw – no contraception or birth control.  He wants to experience us and we Him.

Once we say, “Yes” to Him, there isn’t a “Plan B”, a form of emotional emergency contraception, which will destroy a possibility of life.  When God makes a baby, He is all in and will be a Father to the dreams and promises that He has created; and even care for those dreams that were birthed fatherless, illegitimate and left bastardized.

Make God your first form of protection and there won’t be any need for a Plan B.

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