Take A Chill Pill. You Gots To Chill…

Take A Chill Pill. You Gots To Chill…

To wake up each and every day and decide to live, it is another day that you choose to step to God and battle for your life.

Life is God Himself in a capsulized form and we cannot handle it – if I may reduce Him to such a thing… It’s the only way that we are able to experience Him without dying instantly – He’s too big to take in all at once.

Life is a hard pill to swallow; many choke on it going down.  Only the Holy Spirit can give the necessary living water to wash it down.

He is psychedelic and will have you seeing things that aren’t there in the natural and physical realm, dancing and singing when there is or isn’t music, and in an existence of peace when life is chaotic; and no amount of dopamine can compare.  God is dope in the purest form, no cut. And when taken at full strength, He will make miracles happen and cause things that be not as though they were.

We can’t overdose on God.  He is to be taken daily as needed, and as advised by the Great Physician – Christ Jesus.

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