Check Out Other Options Below…

Wait on a hand out – (Not an option, the hands will soon run out). Commit Suicide – (Puh-leez!). Sit around and wait for a so-called loved-one to become deceased and reap some life insurance benefit – (I’d rather have the person here). Exist in some sad state of uselessness (Nawww… I have to do something). Bank Robbery or the like – (Jail has never nor will be a comfortable way of spending down time). Drop out from life and just bum around – (I’ve tried that and it just doesn’t suit me). Try to live my own way – (And I have tried that already and got exactly what I was looking for in the process).
The absolute and only surety in my life is the trust that I have in God. There is only so much of sweeping life up under the rug. Eventually, it is going to create a hump or impediment and it is going to trip you up. Each and every time that I get to tripping and thinking of taking life into my own incapable hands, I am reminded by God, that not me – but ONLY he, has been consistently faithful. Much of the time I didn’t recognize his faithfulness until after the fact, and then all I could do is either cry from being humbled by looking back and seeing that it was nothing but God; or I am left speechless and staring into the nebulous annals of my mind and seeing the vestiges of just how far God has brought me and how hard I had tried to sabotage my own life, let alone the purpose he has for my life.

If not for God…

So… When it comes to my today, to my future – I can only trust that God will do what he said. All the other options are off the table; and they were never any good to begin with in the first place. Either I am going to trust him or I might as well make a blindfolded choice from the aforementioned list – And once again – neither of them are an option. God is the only option and I am so glad that I finally figured this out in enough time to see his word and promise come true in my life. My latter days shall be greater than my former days.

God is my – our – ONLY option.

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