Man Up!

Man up! Question: Why would you waste your time worrying or pondering what another person is saying or for that much – thinking about you, when they are going through just like the rest of us trying to find their way through this life; rather they are successful or not? From the greatest to the least of us – we all are enduring something; and we all will until our demise. The only one that you should be trying to please and garner an understanding of is the Lord. Most of the time the Lord will instruct you to do something unconventional in order to get you to focus solely on him; and it will appear to be crazy to onlookers, so you may as well start realizing that you are in this faith walk alone. No one can praise God for you, no one can believe God for you and no one can take God at his word for you. People can pray for you, stand in agreement with you and even petition God for you but ultimately, you are one person coming before the Lord. There are so many people killing their time left remaining here on this side of glory allowing others to steal, kill and destroy a life that is no greater than their own. A common man should not affect you; especially not what they say, think or do. And for that matter, neither should a great man – operative word here MAN.

Man up is what you must do in the word of God. Sadly many feed off of energy, be it good or bad of other people; they don’t like being alone or cast off. God sustained Elijah by a raven. God is your strength and your only true source. Stop looking to others to give you joy when they don’t possess it themselves. Stop going to deserts looking for a refreshing ocean. People can only give and do so much; God never runs out of whatever it is that you desire or stand in need of.




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