The Dating Game…

Are you the consummate dater? Never allowing transparency and comfortability in a lifetime commitment called marriage. There is a level of freedom when you are allowed to be authentically you while sharing a space and life with another individual. All the pretense and putting-on airs eventually ebbs away and you are left with who you are raw and uncut. Cruise control is set and the relationship goes from a standard shift, to a manual, except for the occasional routine maintenance needed to keep a well-running coupling performing at a peaceable level.
No relationship is perfect because no one individual is perfect. But you can have an un-congested commute in the life of happily ever after. I can only speak from a woman’s point-of-view; and there is nothing like not having to always be on point! To not be on my best behavior, to tell him that I do not want to go over to his mother’s house, to be me – character flaws and all. Of course it is unsettling at first to place a heart that loathes being hurt, into the hands of another person whom you ultimately cannot control what they will do with it. Some think that being married is a conformity that restricts, which in all actuality there is a freedom that is truly unexplainable. If your husband or wife isn’t your best-friend, perhaps you might want to re-evaluate who is and why?
Spiritually – if God isn’t your best friend and you cannot go to him with whatever is going on in your life – the good, bad and the indifferent; perhaps you need to re-evaluate your relationship as well. God wants to be married to us and he wants us to get cozied up and comfortable in him and trust that he is faithful and full of fidelity. He wants to show you more of him but you have to be fully committed in order to receive that level of intimacy. When you only date, there is an automatic boundary that is implemented that keeps each participant from giving their all. God wants to show you more of him and give to you exceeding and abundantly in all areas of your life, but he wants you all to himself. You hate infidelity and so does God. God told you off top just how jealous he is, so he expects the same from us.



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