Wanna Bet?

Beating the odds when you know that they have been formed against you, to not only defeat you but to bring about your demise – you tend to pay more attention to the rules of engagement. And you find out that there are no rules. To overcome generations, not just that of your own life but progenitors long gone, of disenfranchisement, oppression, poverty, and lack in all areas is an insurmountable foe that cannot be defeated on your own. It takes the mighty hand of God to take you into the land that he has promised to you and the generations that came before you. In each generation there are a few that seem to excel in faith and aspirations that they generate enough sonic boom in order to orbit out of the existence of “not enough”.

To go where God is leading us, is to accept that we are traveling out of our normal solar system of the earth realm and we are determined to explore space and new galaxies that have yet to be witnessed by earth dwellers and earthly beings with carnal minds that limit what God wants to limitless do in our lives. Please know that the odds are against you for a reason. They are intended as such, so that there is no room for boasting or garnering glory, credit, praise or honor that rightfully belongs to the Father in Heaven. God is the one that hedges the bet against the enemy to give us the edge to win a game that was rigged from the onset.

Don’t make a fool’s bet, when you can count your cards with God and win in this life, not some of the time, but all of the time.



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