Grow Organic!

Both Adam and Eve were both produced organically; Adam from the dust of the ground and Eve from Adam; whether you practice composting or recycling – it’s all conservation to extend life on this planet.

God taught Adam the art form of how to properly tend to a garden, so that when Eve came along, he would know how to tend to her, as he had done before in the garden.

As with interest, conservation and faith; they all accrue over time; the value and profit aren’t seen instantaneously.  It’s better to grow organically, than to artificially create; it’s just better for you and the people, community and the world around you.

The same goes for our relationship between us and God.  Time with God grows organically; long even before see and harvest time; God was treating the soil of our lives to prepare faith to take root; if the soil isn’t fertile, no fruit can be produced.

Grow Organic – It’s better for your spiritual health.




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