I’m Speechless! “Are You Up For The Challenge?”

I know that many of you have heard people either talk or preach about the word “Grace”.  Have you ever really wondered what “Grace” really was?

Grace is described by most as God’s unmerited favor of giving us what we don’t deserve; but it’s never been explained as to how it affects both believers and non­-believers alike.  And today I want to assist you as to what grace feels like; so that you can experience it for yourself; or more so, be cognizant of the experience of what is actually taking place.

Alright, let’s get this started.  It’s really simple.  Trust me.

How this quasi-challenge came into being was out of an observation that I see most people committing on a daily basis but aren’t even aware that they are even doing it; it’s habitual and habits are hard to separate from.

I watch Bill Maher’s HBO Talk Show “Real Time”, used to also be known as “Politically Correct”, back when he aired on Comedy Central. Had he (Bill), not hosted his own television series, I would think that he would have possibly found himself in the throes of the ACLU in some way shape or form, for his stances and views, from my personal opinion.

Bill’s language is pretty spicy at times and I get that, I understand that; he is a comedian that gets paid very well to do what he does; I get that, I got that – until now.

Bill will be my example because he is one of the great champions of the Atheist.  However, like Bill, many of you take the Lord’s name in vain and even in the case(s) with Bill – I know that neither you nor he does it intentionally.  I get that.  I don’t think that no one intends on being offensive or vulgar; it’s a part of the culture and a part of us.  So, when you smashed you little baby toe against that big bad indomitable coffee table or God forbid the corner of your bed – Ouch!  An expletive sure would fit good right about now!  G-dammit! Are you G-dam kidding me? Jesus! Jesus Christ!  Lord Have Mercy! Lordy!, Lordy!, Lordy! Good Lord! And so forth and so on… I think you are catching the drift.

These phrases have the tendency to be used at crucial moments, when our exasperation is at its highest point or our fear at its greatest – Or when we have either experienced personally, or witnessed greatness!

Now what you have just experienced is – “Grace” my friend.  You say to me, “How?”  I’ll prove it to you real quick and simple.

The next time that hot leather seat that has been sitting in 100 degree weather touches where your shirt had come up from your pants or skirt and glances across the skin on the small of your back, don’t use the expletive using God or the Lord or Christ or for Christ Sakes – Try and find something else to fit perfectly when your tires can’t save you from skidding across the lane, and you arrive to your next destination in one piece and sans a scratch.  What other great word would express your thankfulness?  God is saying to you and to me, stop using His name in vain.

We have been taking Him for granted long enough and He wants you to experience what life would be like without Him.  God has been allowing you to use His grace and hasn’t expressed a qualm about it – until now. 

He wants you to realize just how much we do need Him on a daily basis and how much you yourself actually do give Him recognition, but He no longer wants to be gracious, if I can say it that way.  Either you give Him His full due or don’t use His grace for only those times of elation or trouble – In other words… He is there for us all the day long and you get speechless about the power that it actually behind the expletive that you are calling upon and evoking on your behalf without giving Him his just due.

You may find your way of finally breaking that nasty habit of a foul mouth; and that is always a good thing; while others of you may very well find yourselves not speaking much at all – “I’m Speechless.”, is what you may find.

But, what is almost better than that is that you find yourself knowing that you would rather have the grace of God covering you throughout this life, and give Him his credit by reverencing Him properly – With a healthy fear and respect that what He could have allowed, didn’t happen.

After several attempts you will dramatically experience the difference of what having had God, what having God with you, and not having God with you are – And make the comparison for yourself.  God is there – period – In times of hurt or happiness.  Either way you will find that you needed Him more than you ever thought imaginable.  And it’s so like God, and why those of us who choose to serve and believe Him are keenly and acutely aware of – How flimsy life is.  What you don’t want to learn is how flimsier it may very well become, if you fail this challenge.

And there you have it – Grace 101.  This class has Pop-Quizzes often, so remember what was taught to you at the beginning of this class.  Class… Look to your left, look to your right, now look down at yourself – Some of you might not make it through a semester, but those of you that do – Welcome to the Grace University.

I hope you are up for the Challenge!

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